We are a 13 bedroom guest house located in the town centre. There is 1 step to gain access to the house and we have rooms on 3 floors which are accessible by climbing stairs. The lounge bar and dining room are on the ground floor with level access.


• We are located in the Town Centre and can be easily reached by car. 
• We are 1.1 miles from Blackpool North Railway Station and 0.9 miles from Talbot Road Bus Station. Both are serviced by regular taxis some with access ramps.
• There are several mobility shops in the area with wheelchairs and scooters for hire. The nearest one being only 200metres away.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities:

• Upon arrival there is space available for loading/unloading only. The nearest pay and display car park is only 150m around the corner which has several disabled parking bays. The route from the car park is smooth tarmac with 2 roads to cross, 1 with a Puffin crossing and the other having an island in the middle to cross in two sections. There are dropped pavements for use with scooters or wheelchairs. The route from the car park is well lit and there is 1 step to gain access to to our property.

Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area:

• Upon arrival, to gain entry the guest must press a doorbell and wait for a reply; either in person at the door or via our intercom system. The door is side hung with a glass panel at the top and wooden panel at the bottom. Access for guests is via a key for the Yale lock. Extra keys are available on request. The entrance hall is well lit and is on one level towards the reception area. There is another door leading from the reception area to the dining room and bar area. Again this is all on one level. The reception desk is 1050mm high and 1040mm wide and is lit by a lamp.
• We do not allow pets under any circumstances.

Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc:

• Leading directly from the reception area is the stairway. This is carpeted throughout and is open all the way to the 3rd floor. There are 18 steps leading to the 1st floor, another 17 steps to the 2nd floor and a further 15 steps to the 3rd floor. There is a wooden handrail/banister provided on all the stairs at a height of 780mm. The width of the stairways are 790mm. The stairways are well lit with ceiling lights and emergency lights. 
• There are bedrooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor with the reception, dining room, bar and entrance/exit on the ground floor.

Public Areas - Sitting room, Lounges, Lobbies etc:

• All public facilities are on the ground floor. Access is from the reception area through a side hung wooden door with a glass panel at the top and wooden panel at the bottom. This takes you into an open plan dining room/bar area which is very well lit by ceiling lights and numerous spot lights and emergency lighting.
• There is a television in this area which can provide subtitles if necessary.
• There are 2 toilets at the back of this area for the use of guests. These are on the same level and have laminate floors. The doors are not wide enough for wheelchair access.

Public WCs:

• There are 2 toilets for use by guests when in the bar/dining room area. Acess to these is at the rear of the bar area and is carpeted fully. The toilet cubicles themselves have a laminate floor covering and are 900mm wide. 
• The toilets are ordinary, 440mm high and have not been adapted for the use of disabled persons. The wash basins are served by hot and cold taps and are 850mm high. There is a small shelf in each cubicle just above the sink, the walls are blue and magnolia in colour and the ceiling white. They are well lit by electric light bulb and natural light. The doors are not wide enough for wheelchair access.

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Bar area, Take Away & Cafe:

• The dining room/bar area is on the ground floor and is fully carpeted. The bar area has fixed padded seating along two walls and also moveable bar stools around 5 tables. 
• The dining room area has 9 tables of various sizes with wooden chairs with back supports. There are no arms on any of the chairs. The chairs are all 450mm in height and the tables are all 730mm. The seating is not fixed and can be moved around if necessary. 
• We offer a mix of self service and waiter service at breakfast times but guests can be fully waited on if disabilities restrict them. We can cater for special dietry requirements if notified in advance.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas:

• All rooms require access by stairs and therefore are not wheelchair accessible. There are alarm sounders in all of the rooms but if guests are hard of hearing then in case of emergency they will be roused by staff. 
• Once up the stairs, all bedrooms are level access to the corridors.
• All rooms have TV's with subtitles and cordless electric kettles.
• There are ceiling lights in all the rooms and bedside lamps. 
• The rooms are a mixture of single and double beds with one room having a set of bunk beds which are adult size (i.e.3ft in width). All single beds are 3ft wide and double beds are 4'6wide. 
• All rooms are decorated with magnolia walls and white ceilings and paintwork.
• All rooms have a chair provided.

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC (Ensuite or Shared):

• All rooms have en-suite shower rooms consisting of WC, washbasin and shower cubicle. These are all general and have no disabled facilities. 
• The floors are laminate with access from the bedroom via a solid wood, side hung door except for two of the rooms which have access through a wooding sliding door.

Additional Information:

• We are a fully non smoking property throughout.
• All rooms have clear evacuation procedures in case of fire.
• We do not accept pets under any circumstances.
• We use background music in the bar area and this can be turned down on request if too loud.
• We will gladly store guests' medication and foods in our kitchen fridges upon request.
• There are signs throughout the hotel showing emergency exits, fire extinguishers/alarm points and advising of no smoking.
• We will accept type talk calls


15 Alberrt Road

Telephone: 01253 294440



Future Plans:

• We currently have no plans for alteration in any way.

Contact Telephone and Email Address

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve if you have any comments please phone 01253294440 or email